The main farming activity at HILL TOP FARM is the breeding of the formidable Meatmaster Sheep.  Boschvelder Chickens and Quaker Ducks compliment the main activity, alongside a host of visiting wildlife.  The most prolific wildlife visitors include Fish Eagles, Baboons, Caracal (Rooikat), the Cape Clawless Otter, Monkeys, Bushbuck, Yellow Bill and Red Bill Ducks, Kingfishers and many Guinea Fowl. 

We are mindful that it is our duty to conserve and safeguard our natural environment and to practice our farming activities in a sensitive manner to keep a ‘low impact’ on this fragile ecosystem.


HILL TOP FARM @ Hoogekraal launched in its present guise in mid 2013.  There are now four homesteads (Hill Top “Three Gables” Farmhouse, Lily Pond Cottage, Hospitality Cottage and the Forestview homestead), each presiding over specific functions in kibbutz like fashion.

Situated on the Seven Passes Road that goes from George to Knysna, the farm is 29 Km from Wilderness (25 Kms from the N2) and not far from the peaceful Village of Hoekwil 20kms away.

Overlooking the Outeniqua Mountains, these were the environs where Dallene Mathee derived inspiration to write her famous books; “Kringe in die Bos” / ‘Circles in the Forest’ and many others and the Dallene Mathee memorial is nearby;

Rural tranquillity and a multitude of magical attributes make the place very special……. the playground of cyclists, motorcyclists and hikers and the workplace of forestry and farmers.